Backyard Progress Report | Jungalow by Justina Blakeney

Last time I did a backyard update it was late April.  The outdoor shower, tile, pavers and jacuzzi had just been installed. Over the summer we’ve been honing in and working on the design and flow of the yard, and I’m always very happy to report that we’ve been really using it, and living that indoor/outdoor L.A. lifestyle that made this city famous.  While we aren’t totally done with all the fixing and furnishings, we’ve made some progress that I’m excited to share. Our summer edible garden was a big hit. We had many garden salads, made garden pickles, and are enjoying the last of the cherry tomatoes now.

The outdoor shower ties for first place with the jacuzzi for biggest game-changer. I shower out here pretty much every day. It’s magical in the mornings, it’s even more magical at night. We installed a wall of reclaimed wooden mirrors and little cabinets to hold our toiletries. Something about little mirrors outside gives be happy vibes. I love the feeling of the cement tile underfoot in the shower. We used leftover tile from our Jungalow Kitchen for the shower floor (similar tile can be found on Overstock). And we had a French drain installed before putting in the tile to collect the shower water. (Our garden stool is from Anthro, looks like they’ve sold out of the exact model, but here are some similar ones).

Our indoor/outdoor bar got some play this summer, but I have a feeling we’ll use it even more in the fall and springtime. I hadn’t thought about the fact the during the day in the summer we were going to be keeping the windows closed to keep the air-co in, and the mosquitos out,  but once it cools down a bit I think we’ll live with it open so my mojito-bar vision will come into being.

We also had new cushions made for all of our outdoor furniture. We’ve had this outdoor set for about seven years, so we thought about getting a whole new set, but the truth is it still functions well and all it really needed was some new cushions, so we turned to our friends at Calico Corners and they custom made the cushions from our Inside Out Performance fabrics. The fabrics are the softest outdoor fabrics I’ve ever felt, and the are the most eco-friendly, PFC-free performance fabrics on the market. Calico did such a great job of breathing new life into our old furniture set, that it feels like we got all new furniture–but more on that once we do the big reveal of the finished yard (soon…promise!). This is the Yab fabric in Henna. As you can tell, we spend a whole lot of time out here and take plenty of naps on this lounge chair. Stay tuned for the big reveal of the yard which we will share in the coming weeks.

Hope you all had a fabulous summer and had a chance to spend some memorable moments with your families in inspiring spaces, be them far from home or right in your own backyard.



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